lilies floating in the shallow, still waters

of the small little pond

that seemed to

encompass so much more room

than it really did

but maybe that was just because

i felt

its greenish blue waters

in their calm perfection

completely overtake me, flow through me

playing with my hair

telling me to breathe and be still,

be patient and tranquil

just like they are

and you and i

and you and i

we walked through twisted pathways

among trees and fireflies

golden lanterns dangling

carried by their whizzing buzzing wings

circling around us, leading us onwards

as the sky above us grew darker

and the day evaporated to night

and darker clouds began to take the place of the

whimsical, cotton puffs,

white fluffs

of clouds

that had

stretched over

the periwinkle blue

sky of the day

and there was no light


the slow


of the moon

as it rose up

from the sides of the earth

and shone down at us.

moon mother

and her scattered stars.

who knows

what it means

that miniscule insects

roam the earth

in search of food and shelter

with a sharp desire

to survive

and we step over them

in our attempts

to do the same


i start to believe


life is the business of singular,



our comings and goings

errands and homework assignments

and football practice and choir rehearsal

and a good grade on an essay

then a bad grade on a test

these are the things that fill my days.

so then

i forget the way

the sky looks

when the sun is breaking over

the horizon

and night is becoming day

and darkness is making way for light

and everything is waking up

and life is beginning



i forget

what these things


i don’t know

if i believe in a god.

but i know i believe

in the glorious way

rays of sun

rake over me

as i watch the earth

coming together at dawn

and coming apart at dusk.

i believe

in the short, fleeting

feeling i get

standing on the ridge of the side-road

watching the sun rise up

over the hills

and then

continuing my morning walk

with my mother

while everyone is still asleep.